What we do at POI… Life has left our patients with mobility challenges. We offer prosthetic & orthotic solutions that improve our patients’ quality of life through increased mobility. Get Started with POI Today.


The sole focus of the Prosthetic and Orthotic Institute is on positive patient outcomes. POI is built on compassion, communication, and collaboration. With the right support, anything is within your reach. POI believes in you.


POI takes the time to get to know you so that we understand your long term goals and expectations. Our clinicians will work with you to ensure the solution we design aligns with your desired outcome.


During your initial consultation, we’ll answer any questions you may have to learn your specific needs.


Our staff will work with you one-on-one to manage your insurance paperwork and recommend available resources.


During this visit, we gather all necessary information to begin fabrication of your prosthesis or orthosis. This may include scanning, casting, or needed measurements.


It is during this visit that your prosthesis or orthosis will be fit. Here, your clinician will make any needed adjustments and establish a wear schedule that you’ll follow.


Your prosthesis or orthosis may require adjustments after your initial fitting. Routine follow-up plans will be established to check the function of your device and to measure your previously established rehab goals.


We measure your progress against industry standards, ensuring that you are reaching your functional goals.
POI worked with my son one-on-one to make sure my son’s prosthesis fit perfectly. I believe this experience has really improved the quality of his life.

– Mary P

Thank God for this place! After my initial exam, a brace/orthotic was designed and manufactured for me. From the moment I wore it, i couldn’t believe the results! I no longer had to use a walker or cane!

– Kim L