The year begins with a well-developed plan for achieving my goals and building the life I envision. After 90 days, I am a hot mess, not even close to my original plan. What is wrong with me? It turns out, nothing is wrong with me. I am normal. It is likely that you are normal too. We begin each year with expectations of getting or staying on track. Then, life happens, resulting in health challenges, relationship issues, financial woes, and various other things that take us off course. We look up to see where we are and realize we are nowhere near where we expected to be. The cycle repeats itself year after year.

The 90-day Reset is a program designed to get us back on track. Getting off track is inevitable and okay. What is not okay is when we quit because we just can’t seem to stay on track. Businesses go through the reset process every 90 days, meaning they step back and assess their progress toward their quarterly objectives. Is your life more important than a business? You better say “yes” because the value of your life far exceeds the value of any business in existence. How do I know? Because every time a business fails, life goes on for all involved. When a life ends, it is all over except the memories left behind in those touched by the life that has been lost.

How do we maximize our time on Earth?

Be Grateful for Life.

To be alive is a miracle. To be alive in the United States is a double miracle. The land of opportunity remains just that despite the massive effort to vilify it. It is gratitude and love that will overcome hate, envy, and jealousy.

Plan Your Life.

I am not suggesting every minute of every day be planned. I am encouraging everyone to consider their future. What is the ideal and unique contribution you can or will make? Our society has become obsessed with getting instead of giving. The key to receiving has been documented for over 2,000 years – give unto others. Maximizing our contribution requires a plan.

Deliver Value in Service for Others.

If we understand our gifts or unique methods of contribution, it is our duty to use them. Our society only rewards value delivery. So, we create a plan to maximize the value we deliver in service to others. The reward for serving one or millions is humbling and fulfilling.

Show Up Consistently.

The market only rewards value. The greatest multiplier of the reward is showing up and delivering value consistently. The best-kept secret of successful people is consistency. They decide what value to provide and do it over and over again. They do it when they are not feeling well, and when they are tired. Showing up when you don’t want to, every time, no matter what is the best plan for success.

Build Meaningful Relationships.

Living a meaningful and fulfilled life requires deep relationships. Why? Life is not meant to be lived alone. Humans are communal creatures, so we thrive in community. Our brains are hard-wired to live with people. Having it all and nobody to share it with is a hollow feeling.

Sharpen the Saw.

Stephen Covey taught us about sharpening the saw in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Maximizing our time on Earth requires a growth mindset. The growth mindset has an element of humility that allows us to realize there is always more to learn. There is still another level of understanding, performance, knowledge, awareness, and presence. Growth is how we continually increase our ability to deliver value.

Pour Into Others.

Living a meaningful and fulfilled life means freely sharing what we have learned. In fact, sharing is almost a selfish act because when we share, it is an opportunity to reinforce our lessons learned. Sharing requires that we learn how to articulate the fundamental building blocks of a skill. Thinking about our work helps our understanding of our work. If you are a parent, pour into your children. If you are a leader, pour into those that rely on your leadership. Be the example of how to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

You can do this! Join me every 90 days to reset your plan for the next 90 days. Life is a marathon that consists of 90-day plans. Big goals, big dreams, mastery, and legacy are only possible when we make a plan and work the plan. Growth is not linear. It requires showing up consistently, applying fundamentals, contributing every day, and the right mindset. Visit to learn more.


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