At POI, we believe in our patients. We believe that their stories can be an inspiration to other patients faced with this unimaginable challenge of limb loss.
We want to be intentional in sharing our patients’ stories of courage, and hope, not just for new prosthetic patients but for each of us.
Watch the brief videos below to gain insight, guidance, and inspiration as our patients share their stories with our Chief Inspiration Officer, Russ Sorrells.

Bobby Bouchet’s life changed when diabetes-related neuropathy resulted in his leg amputation in 2019. His faith and positive outlook on life have been keys to his recovery. Watch Bobby’s full testimonial here.

Mr. Frady lost his lower leg due to complications with foot ulcers resulting from diabetes. From driving to golf Mr. Frady shows us what is possible. He shares his story with Russ on this video. He is an inspiration!

Derrick tells us his story of his battle with diabetes that eventually resulted in him becoming a double amputee. He tells of how he has remained active and drives himself around despite his amputations. He also explains how his faith has helped him through these challenges.

Jacqueline lost over 160 lbs so that should be able to begin using her prosthesis. It took over two years after her amputation to become motivated to use her prosthesis. Hear her amazing story. She is a wonderful person!

Rachael LeVasseur went in for a routine knee replacement surgery. Two days after the surgery they discovered that she had compartment syndrome. The months that followed were anything but routine and forever changed Rachael’s life.

Natalie was only 5 when she experienced a lawnmower accident. She was rushed to the Carolina Medical Center in Pineville, NC, where doctors attempted to save her foot. Natalie and her mother Robin share their story of trial and triumph in the face of tragedy.

A work injury and subsequent neuropathy resulted in a below the knee amputation for Kenny Desio. He soon realized that there are so many people that want to be there for him and help in his journey. Watch the video to see Kenny’s journey.

In January 2019, Saiqah Shabazz’s life changed forever. A foot injury resulted in a below-knee amputation. Today, he is in the POI patient family and with the support of his care team and community, is able to move forward with more clarity and purpose.

For Corinthia Artis, complications stemming from pneumonia resulted in the amputation of her left leg and two toes off her right foot. Corinthia’s husband and the Amputee Support Group made a world of difference in her recovery and positive outlook.


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