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All that exists is energy.  Energy in physics is defined as the capacity to do work.  Despite the fact that energy is in all things, it can seem elusive.  You come home exhausted from a long day of work and collapse on the couch.  Suddenly, an emergency arises that requires your immediate attention and without hesitation, you leap into action.  In reflection, the energy was always there but you were unaware of how to tap into the additional capacity.  From relationships, to work, to raising kids – your energy powers it all.

Positive Energy

Do you ever meet someone and get a good vibe?  You can’t put your finger on it but you just like something about them.  You somehow feel different in their presence.  It is likely that you were in the presence of someone who has decided and learned how to manage their energy.  Again, we all have the capacity to manage our energy but it takes time, attention, intention & other factors to achieve a high level of competency.

Use your imagination to recall times in which you experienced a high level of positive energy.  Think of a vacation or special event like graduations, weddings, maybe a concert, or a significant accomplishment (especially with others).  All seemed right with the world and the energy of the environment resonated with you and all involved.


Resonance is the key to manifesting higher levels of positive energy in our lives.  Resonance, in physics, is defined as the reinforcement or prolongation of sound (energy) by the reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.  Resonance is harmony.  Imagine a body of water that is still as glass.  When a pebble is thrown in, the water is disturbed.  The waves are equivalent to energy.  If we threw a pebble in the same spot as the first pebble, the waves would be in harmony.  However, throwing a pebble in a different spot, would cause the waves to clash.  One of the major challenges today is that we want to be our own waves.  Social media, corporate marketing, and news media focus on the obsession of self.  These self-serving entities feed the voice in our heads.  We obsess over the perception of the outside world.  My intent is not to go dark on you, but to help you realize there are forces – massive forces – working day and night to create a clashes in the waves.


Dissonance is a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious, unsuitable elements.  Negative energy is the result of dissonance, resistance, and lack of intention.  Negative energy sucks the life right out of us.  Negativity is like a disease and can lead us down a path of life-long suffering.  Deep down, we all seek validation.  Negativity is a strategy our ego uses for validation.  The next time you go negative, take a moment to observe where the negativity is coming from.  Is it disappointment?  Is it a lack of confidence?  Try to understand why you are being negative.  Then ask yourself – Does it really matter?

Emotional Energy

Emotional energy can fuel joy and happiness in our lives.  Love is an emotional energy.  It is an energy that starts inside of us and resonates with others.  The concept of resonance in our lives is important because it strengthens our relationships with the world around us.  Humans are social creatures and resonance strengthens our connections.  Compassion is another positive emotional energy.  Compassion allows us to acknowledge others and offer assistance.  Compassion gets us out of our head and into a service mode.  It is where forgiveness starts to overcome hate.

Positive resonance is an important aspect if we desire to live a life filled with joy and possibility.  All growth is a result of positive resonance.  Positive energy can help us maintain hope during dark times.  The goal is to increase our positive and emotional energy in the following steps:

Get around the right people.  I am talking about people that leave you feeling better about the world we live in.  People that build you and others up.  These people refuse to use negativity as a tool to validate their own shortcomings by bringing others down.

Turn off the news.  News media is a business designed to suck you in with negativity.  Are you better off knowing what is going on in Syria?  Or Russia?  Or Antarctica?  Of course not.  If you can’t affect it, then you probably are not going to benefit from knowing it.

Invest in helping others.  We thrive in service.  I have stated many times that gratitude is selfish because it feels incredibly good to help others have a better day or life.  Helping others is an incredibly rewarding activity that benefits all involved and is the optimum fuel for higher and higher levels of positivity in our lives.

Imagine a world devoid of negativity.  The change to a more positive culture begins with a shift to a more positive perspective.  Learning to manage your energy is at the heart of a life well-lived.  Each of us has the same composition.  We are 99.9% the same genetically.  The difference is how we use our energy.



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