green plants sprouting from the ground

Your mind is like a garden. Gardens require soil, seed, sunshine, & rain. The more fertile the soil, the easier it is to grow the garden. Here is the challenge – weeds grow much more quickly than flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Weeds grow in droughts and during floods. Weeds are pervasive and relentless. Flowers, fruits, and veggies require ideal conditions to thrive. We must pull weeds to ensure all of the soil’s nutrients are going to the flowers, fruits, and vegetables. If we don’t pull the weeds and fertilize our crops, the garden soon will be overrun with weeds. 

Soil – The Mind

Fertile soil grows the healthiest garden. Our minds are like the soil. The brain needs to be healthy and fertile. How do you ensure a healthy mind that readily accepts the seed? Get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat healthy foods, and always be learning. Learning is churning the soil, ensuring it is ready to accept the seed when it is time for planting. Most people stop learning when their formal education is complete. Never stop learning because when you do, your soil will harden and make the planting of new thoughts and concepts impossible. Another aspect of maintaining a healthy mind is taking time to think. Thinking about your desired outcome is the best way to begin tackling a problem. Regularly ask yourself what the ideal outcome looks like and write out your vision for the desired result. Do this often, and you will strengthen your ability to tackle your challenges. The soil is an essential component of growing a healthy garden. When the soil is tainted or poisoned, only weeds will grow. 

Seeds – Our Thoughts

Seeds represent our thoughts in the garden of our minds. Ideal gardens consist of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that we have intentionally cultivated, planted, and nurtured. These are the seeds of positivity. Weeds represent the negative thoughts and feelings we have unintentionally planted. Unfortunately, weeds grow ten times faster than our intended garden seeds. How do we develop intentionality and vigilance in planting the ideal seeds? The creation of the perfect garden starts with a vision. Living the life you desire requires a vision for what that life looks like and then action to bring it to life. Our thoughts will determine our level of satisfaction with life. Always focusing on what you don’t want or what has gone wrong will grow weeds. The weeds are negative thoughts, and they are aggressive. We are programmed to focus on the negative because long ago, anticipating bad things kept us alive. The survival mechanism that kept early humans alive is no longer necessary, but unfortunately, it still resides deep in our brain. Negativity (weeds) will rob the soil of its nutrients and, as a result, starve the flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Sunshine – Our Attitude

The sunshine represents our attitude. Having an attitude of gratitude will encourage our positive thoughts to grow. The plants we want to grow in our garden will establish deep roots allowing them to survive the inevitable storms of life. Gratitude, coupled with a positive disposition, is the best way to weather the tough times. Misery loves the company, and as a result, the typical response to adversity is to seek out others with which you can complain. They will complain back to you and attempt to validate their situation. Don’t get tempted into commiseration because it will spiral you into a life of negativity, anger, and frustration. Choose happiness. Choose to be the sunshine for your garden and the garden of others. You can’t go wrong by sharing your sunshine with others. The dark clouds will scoff your shiny disposition, and the darkness will attempt to dim your light. Resist them both, and you will live a life of joy and fulfillment. Your garden will overflow with abundance. The best part is that you will easily be able to share this abundance with others and help them begin to grow their garden. You will be a shining example of how to live a life.

Rain – Our Blood

Rain is the transport mechanism for nutrients to flow from the soil into the plant, most often through the roots. Rain is representative of our blood, which carries the nutrients from the food we eat into our muscles and major organs, including the brain. The most important aspect of this process is to ensure the soil is nutrient-rich because the moisture from the rain will pull all available nutrients from the soil. If it is low on nutrients, the plant will weaken. The process of weakening from a lack of proper nutrients happens rapidly in plants. The same happens for our brains when we do not put healthy nutrients into our bodies. The consumption of heavily processed foods has detrimental effects on our brains. Instead of fertilizing, we are poisoning the brain and body. Feeding your brain nutrient-dense foods is the best strategy (coupled with sleep & exercise) for ensuring your blood is performing at peak level. Fog and an inability to focus are often a result of poor eating habits. For the blood to deliver the necessary nutrients to our brain, we must be intentional about what we eat and drink.

We can conceptually understand how the brain and body function mechanically and electrically, but there is an intangible aspect of being human that we may never understand. When humans are unable to prove and explain a natural occurrence, we label it a miracle. Our understanding of life itself continues to deepen, but the wonder of a system that perpetuates life will always be a miracle. Healthy minds lead to happy lives, and what more we all want?

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