POI - Man running with prosthetic leg.

Putting on your prosthetic liner:

  1. Turn the liner INSIDE OUT.
  2. Place the cup end of the liner against your residual limb with no air bubbles or space.
  3. Roll the liner on while keeping the end of the liner flush against your limb.
  4. Roll, roll, roll up until the liner is in place.
  5. Check the alignment line, or pin, or graphic to see if you put the liner on straight.
  6. If it’s crooked, roll the liner off and try again.
  7. If the pin is crooked, roll the liner off and try again.

It takes a little practice to put the liner on, but it will get easier as you practice.

Taking your prosthetic liner off:

  1. Roll it off until it is inside out. Fill with warm water and a skin-safe soap.
  2. Slosh the water and soap around in the liner, also rubbing the liner side to side and back and
    forth against itself.
  3. Fill with warm water, dump it out, repeat until no soap is left.
  4. Turn it right side out and lie flat on a towel to dry.
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