If I were to talk with someone who just arrived in the United States about how to live their Full Potential, what would I say?

Welcome to a country with more material wealth than any nation that has ever existed. We were able to quickly become the most prosperous country in the history of the world because of our ability to cooperate in commerce. The U.S. was founded by immigrants from all over the world but primarily Europe. Europe is a series of stand-alone countries with a long history of conflict with each other.

Our system of cooperation allowed people and businesses to thrive. The system has proven not to be perfect, but when compared with other systems around the globe, it is effective in increasing the overall wealth of its citizens. The challenge of a widening gap between the rich and the poor has emerged in recent years. If we were to look back throughout history, the common cause of discord among citizens is the wealth gap. There are many reasons for the discontent, but the main reason is that our political system rewards politicians that effectively stoke the fire of discontent.

Politicians are rewarded by constituents when they promise to penalize success. They prey on fear, envy, greed, and distrust among citizens. The overwhelming majority of citizens in this country are unable to leverage the opportunities it offers. Politicians are only interested in extending their power and influence, so they stoke the fire of discontent and promise to “fix” the system. Keep in mind that the system has single-handedly raised the well-being of the world.

Let’s reiterate that it is not perfect, and there have been many unintended consequences that coincide with prosperity. Despite what the politicians and the media are telling you, this remains the land of opportunity. You just arrived, now what? Let’s assume you speak English, so you don’t have to learn the language.

Here are some habits you will want to form immediately:

Sense of Responsibility

I realize this will seem like an odd habit to you because you have always been required to be responsible for your life. The prosperity our citizens have been able to experience is taken for granted by most. We have become an entitled society. The majority of citizens feel and act as if they are owed something. They show up and expect to be rewarded. They are petty and so obsessed with what others have, that they are overwhelmed with jealousy and envy.

The number one habit you must cultivate to live your full potential is the habit of being responsible for everything in your life.

  • Don’t like your job or your boss? Change jobs.
  • Don’t like your living conditions? Change your living conditions.
  • Don’t like the people you are spending your time with? Change your group of friends.
  • Don’t like your life? It is on you.

Our society has outsourced responsibility to justify a lack of progress. People are sensitive to feeling bad about themselves, so they blame others. Don’t be weak-minded. Your life is your responsibility, and the sooner you adopt this as your underlying philosophy, your value to society jumps 10X.


Our economic system only rewards value. This is such a simple concept, yet only 3% of society understands it. When you start out, you deliver limited value because you lack experience and knowledge. If you are aware, present, and hungry, your value to the market will grow exponentially.

In the beginning, we only serve our society by using our hands. The reason is that we don’t have the experience to think about our work. In time, we begin to use our minds. It is when we use our mind that our value begins to compound. Albert Einstein said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.” I would change this phrase to “Compound knowledge is the 8th wonder of the world”. Our ability to add value grows exponentially as long as we seek growth each day—years of accumulated knowledge coupled with application result in an unsurpassed capability.

Again, this concept is so simple, and mastering it will ensure you live your Full Potential. The more value you’re able to deliver to the market, the more the market will reward your effort.  Remember, the market has no obligation to reward you despite the value delivered. Many people quit because they provide value, but the market does not reward them per their expectations. Why?


We must show up consistently and deliver extraordinary value if we want to receive our rewards. Without a doubt, consistency is the biggest determinant of your longevity of success and is another form of compounding. Some people show up consistently and begin to receive rewards, but then their consistency fades. The rewards dry up because they are no longer consistent in their performance.

Living our Full Potential means that we are consistent. All success is a result of consistency in the areas of learning, applying, testing, adjusting, and expanding. Our ability to deliver value will be severely limited if we are not consistently growing our skills. Consistency is required for sustained success. How do you show up consistently?


Purpose is one of the most overused and exploited words in the English language. Despite the overuse, when we understand its ability to fuel our desire, we realize the importance of having it. A purpose is the catalyst for consistency. Anybody can do something for a month, quarter, or year but few people can do something for a decade, especially if it is difficult. The people that have the discipline to show up every day regardless of how they feel are the people that rule the world. The most successful among us have a burning desire inside that keeps them going. Our society is obsessed with pleasure, others, and minimal effort for maximum reward.

Our society is focused on distracting its citizens to advance its agenda. We are mostly unaware of that effort because programming begins at an early age. Fish are unaware of the water in which they swim because the water has always been there. How do we become aware? History repeats itself because society gets complacent and self-centered. A lack of vigilance today results in a potential collapse in the future. Just as a parent distracts a child to get a respite from parenting, a media-supported government can distract a society. They do so under the guise of keeping us informed and aware. In reality, they care only about promoting their agenda, namely re-elections and consumption. I am not suggesting a conspiracy. There is no attempt to hide on their part. They do it out of a need for self-preservation. They unknowingly mask it as a selfless act to help society process. You see, they are wholly unaware of what they do just as the fish are unaware of the water.

My intent with this message is to help you understand two things. The first is how to live your Full Potential in the land of opportunity. The second is to recognize the forces that will attempt to lure you into complacency and cut off your motivation. It is important that you not obsess over these forces that constantly feed your internal resistance. Doing so will only lead you to distraction and excuses. Simply be aware of their motives so that you don’t get sucked in like the majority of Americans do.

Your number one contribution to the progression of American society is living your Full Potential.

Accept responsibility for your future and be aware of the forces that want you to blame others for any lack of progress. Deliver greater value each day than you did the day before. Show up consistently, regardless of whether you want to or not. Understand that there are forces compelling you to rest. Live your purpose every day, knowing that it is your main source of energy necessary to fuel your desire. Lastly, be grateful and demonstrate appreciation. Avoid taking the blessing of life for granted. Share and demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation. Doing so everyday plants seeds in the garden of life. Those seeds will bear fruits someday – the fruit of joy and genuine prosperity. Welcome to the greatest country on earth, now get to work on yourself.

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