Jenn Poirer is a pediatric physical therapist located in Fort Mill, SC. In this video, Russ chats with Jenn about how parents can help with their kids’ physical therapy while staying at home.

Right now kids that are normally active – getting up and ready for school, traveling to school, active during school, and returning home for evening activities – aren’t moving around as much as normal. The result could be a number of physical issues including constipation (shorten digestive system from not standing) and respiratory issues (lungs not fully expanding). Repositioning is critical.

A Few Suggestions Jenn had for parents:

  • Reposition every hour or during every subject change (homeschooling)
  • Pick 1 exercise and stick with it all week
  • Have fun with the exercises utilizing board games (Candyland for example!)
  • Make an obstacle course using tape, or sidewalk chalk for hopscotch
  • Dance YouTube videos are a great way to encourage activity
  • Log all of your activity
  • Make it FUN!

When communicating with your PT:

  • Highlight new discoveries
  • Over-communicate about what is going on so the treatment plan can be maximized for greatest benefit
  • Bring up or discuss any issues (like falls)
  • Any increased pain, discomfort, swelling? Let them know
  • What time is your child fatiguing during the day?

General advice:

  • Communication is key – communicate with your child about the current situation and why they aren’t able to see their PT face-to-face. No one is to blame
  • Set reminders for Zoom calls

Watch the video above as Jen discusses the subject matter in greater detail!

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