Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

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Our team of orthotists specialize in creating Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) that correct and support the ankle and foot area of the lower extremity.

At POI, we offer Ankle Foot Orthoses for various conditions that affect the lower extremities. Our goal is to help each patient by customizing results that will meet their individual need. We are dedicated to understanding each patient’s story so that we can ensure they receive an AFO that is tailored to assist in bettering their way of life.

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Solutions

Rigid AFO

A Rigid AFO (also referred to as a solid ankle AFO) is custom molded to ensure an intimate fit. The main function of a solid AFO is to provide maximum stabilization of the foot and ankle in all planes of motion. Indications for this orthosis include degenerative joint disease, arthritis, chronic tendon, and ligament pathologies.

Articulated AFO

An articulated AFO (also known as a hinged AFO) is an orthosis that allows movement of the foot and ankle in one plane. It is designed to control dorsiflexion (lifting of the foot) and plantar flexion (downward movement of the foot). These motions are controlled by ankle joints that are fabricated into the AFO.

Dynamic AFO

A dynamic AFO (also known as a posterior leaf spring) offers more flexibility than a solid AFO. The amount of flexibility is determined by your orthotist, the condition being treated, and the amount of support need to keep the foot and ankle in correct alignment. This type of AFO is usually more adaptable to shoes due to less material required to fabricate the orthosis.

 Ground Reaction AFO

A ground reaction AFO (floor reaction AFO), is used to control rotation, forward movement, and encourage knee extension. Conditions that mostly require this type of orthosis are spina bifida, quad weakness, and the need to discourage knee flexion.


Carbon Fiber AFO

The use of carbon fiber technologies has allowed for lighter and more rigid designs in AFOs. Traditional AFOs were made mostly from plastic, which can be bulky and difficult to fit into shoe wear. Carbon allows for a sleeker, more intimate design, while still providing the required support needed to stabilize the lower extremity.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Ankle Foot Orthosis

During your fitting and delivery of your AFO, your Orthotist will provide both written and verbal instructions of wear schedule, skin concerns to look for, and specific hygiene of your orthosis.

  • Example of a typical wear schedule:
    • Days 1-2 wear for 1-2 hours – remove for a skin check
    • Days 3-5 wear for 3-4 hours – remove for a skin check
    • After day 5, wear as tolerated or advised by your orthotist
  • Make sure to clean your AFO on a weekly basis to prevent bacteria build-up.
    • Hand wash it with soap and water (do not immerse the AFO completely in water)
    • Let it air dry completely before putting it back on
    • If your AFO has velcro that is not sticking, check for lint and remove it
  • Do not wear your AFO while you are sleeping.
  • Wear socks with your AFO. The use of socks will serve as a moisture-wicking agent to reduce perspiration and skin breakdown.
  • Talk to your orthotist if your brace is not fitting anymore, skin irritation lasts more than 30 minutes, or if there is any damage to the AFO.






POI’s Approach

Our approach is unique. We are dedicated to providing the best Ankle Foot Orthosis solutions for our patients. POI works closely with doctors and patients to ensure that we have a complete understanding of each situation and create a customized plan for that specific individual. We Believe in YOU and our mission is to provide comfort and mobility with an AFO that fits your lifestyle.

Why Choose POI?

We are not dictated by shareholders or corporate directives. We are a family-owned business that has family values and puts its patients first. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and giving our patients the highest quality of service is our number one priority. Every patient that comes through our doors get our undivided attention so that we can help them continue to live their best life.

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