Upper Extremity Orthotic Solutions throughout Charlotte, Rock Hill & Lancaster

Our Orthotics team is committed to understanding each patient’s needs to create custom orthotic solutions for optimal patient outcomes.

At POI, we offer advanced, customized orthotic care to provide support for the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, hand, and fingers. We work with patients from all walks of life experiencing needs related to carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries, CVA (stroke), and fractures. We are invested in each patient’s story and work to create an orthotic solution that is tailored to their life.

Upper Limb Orthotic Solutions

Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthoses WHO and WHFO

We offer wrist/hand/finger orthoses, which provide support and protection for the wrist and hand, and can help in preventing deformities.

Fracture Brace

A fracture brace minimizes movement to provide protection and promote healing in fracture cases. Also known as removable casts.

Elbow Orthoses

We offer custom-made and custom fitted elbow orthoses for controlled support and protection of the elbow for cases ranging from post-operative to fractures and trauma.

Shoulder Orthoses

For patients experiencing shoulder injury including rotator cuff and joint dislocation, shoulder orthoses provide immobilization and protection, and can aid in preventing deformity.

Finger Orthoses

We provide finger orthotic solutions for patients experiencing joint or tendon injury, inflammation, dislocation, or fracture, as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Our Approach

At POI, we are dedicated to providing world-class orthotic solutions. We make sure to gain a full understanding of each patient’s case and work closely with their doctors to create orthotic solutions that ensure optimal patient comfort and mobility. We prioritize thorough communication and have a sense of urgency to get patients back up and going.

Why Choose POI?

We are a locally-owned business that lives our core values. We put our patients first and collectively strive to improve our patients’ quality of life through increased mobility. Our primary focus is always Positive Patient Outcomes.

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Upper Limb Orthosis Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are upper limb orthotics?

Upper limb orthotics are solutions that allow for recovery of the arm, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, or finger. They are typically in the form of braces or splints.

2) I had a stroke several years ago and my fingers, wrist and hand are getting tight and don’t straighten on their own. Will a WHFO help?

a. Once evaluated, we will be able to determine which is the most suitable brace to treat the severity of your contractures to reduce progression or reduce the contractures.


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