Are you excited about your future? This is my question for every person. If your answer is no, why not? The reason most people are not enthusiastic about their future is that they are not clear on what their future will look like. Where there is no vision, the people perish.  (Proverbs 29:18). Excitement about the future is only possible when we have a vision of the future. Are you excited about an upcoming vacation? It is possible to be as excited about your future you are about an upcoming vacation. The reason most people have no clear vision of their future is that they have never been shown to how to create a vision.

Success and failure in every facet of life and society are predicated on vision.

Here is an example of two extremes within one company. Apple Computer had initial success under the management of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack. Jobs had a vision for Apple, and it had some success. He was a visionary and realized he needed a CEO, so he brought in John Sculley. This was a bad decision but, in the long run, proved to be a stroke of luck for Jobs and Apple. In 1985 the Apple Board of directors and John Sculley ran Jobs out of the company. Jobs carried with him the vision of the business’ future. Apple struggled despite its dominance in the desktop computer space. Sculley started new project after new project, scattering the focus of the company. Then Microsoft came along and helped IBM simplify the personal computer. Apple’s sales declined and had an unclear future because no project was a clear winner for the future of the business. On the verge of collapse, Apple brought Jobs back into the company and gave Sculley the boot. Jobs immediately stopped all projects except for a select few. He reinvented the future of Apple with a vision. His foresight and maniacal focus on a few elegant and simple products brought Apple from the brink of collapse to become the largest publicly traded company in the world. It was his vision that led the company to where it is today.

We celebrate and honor people who have achieved unimaginable feats. We cast them as heroic figures with mystical qualities that we don’t possess. Superhuman is only possible in our imagination and Hollywood. Each person has the seed of possibility within them. Seeds do not grow without water and sunlight. The seed of possibility that is within each of us requires vision and action to grow.

For a business, community, or society to flourish, there must be a vision.

The vision is often mistaken for a common goal, but this can create conflict because each individual has their own goal. However, they can unite with a shared vision that is projected by a leader. Leadership must provide the vision in every situation. Our goals will always vary, but our vision can remain the same.

Life begins with a vision. We get excited about our vacation because of the possibility and wonder created through our ideas of what it will be like. A vision gives us something to live for. A dream with no action is false hope. Action without a vision is the hamster wheel of the life. The vision helps to shift the spotlight off of ourselves and onto the future. The question is, “What action do I need to take now to move closer to my vision?”

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